Biograd Nautical Business Networking Event 2017

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In 2017, the first Biograd B2B event registered 393 business entities classified into 17 business categories.  In addition to the many contracted meetings, exhibitors expressed their delight with the number of B2B participants that made direct enquires at their stands. Both the organizers and sponsors are further committed to improving the event now that Biograd B2B has provent itself as an event where new contacts and business relationships are being realized.



Within the Biograd B2B Congress Program, the Croatian Chamber of Economy held  its 1st “HGK  Nautical Days ”, a congress  that attracted  professional lectures, workshops and panel discussions. In addition, five associations within Croatian Chamber of Economy held important meetings, including the: Marina Association, Diving Association, Small Shipbuilding Association, UPUSP charter association  as well as the Tourist Shipowners Association.



The Congress Program attracted important guests such as the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli,  Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristijan Staničić, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Josip Zaher, as well as representatives of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure , and many others.



The highlight of the social calendar was on Friday with the Biograd B2B Bash beginning with a 17:00 warm up party at the refeshment bar, leading to dinner for participants at the Hall B restauraunt at 19;30, and at 21:00 a great concert by the band Freeway, followed by a DJ until 01:30.  This 8 hour party offered plenty of opportunity to expand social contacts and strenghten  business relationships.



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